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Our school curriculum vision is outlined in our Vision. This can be viewed separately on the Curriculum- Part 1 The Vision This vision has been further expanded and explained in our document Curriculum Part 2 Our vision expanded . For our EYFS Reception children, our EYFS policy will outline the  Early Years Foundation Stage  curriculum we will offer. Within the documents titled Part 3, 4 and 5, have shared greater detail on how we design our curriculum for each cohort.


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All our documents for our school curriculum vision can be downloaded below:
Curriculum Part 1: The Vision
Curriculum Part 2: Our vision expanded
Curriculum Part 3: Cogs of our Curriculum
Curriculum Part 4: The Cognition Curriculum
Curriculum Part 5: Developing Themes & Enquiries Framework


British Values Statement
Open the link above to explore how our school addresses British Values in the curriculum and wider life of the Academy.


Reading & Phonics Scheme

Early Years: Reception classes