Are you looking to place your child at our school for pre-school nursery?

We are opening a new nursery class for September 2017.  We will provide a Nursery Admission policy and an Admission form; these will be updated by the 24th April 2017.  From the 24th April, you will be able to formally register your child for a place in the nursery class. Although we will provide a full information guide ahead the registration date, we can share the following information:

When can I apply for the nursery? Admission forms will be available from 24th April, via the school office and on this webpage. Places will be allocated on a ‘first come first served basis’ subject to the over subscription criteria.

When will I know if my child has a place? We will aim to inform parents as soon as possible and will endeavour to confirm within 1 week once in receipt of the admission form.

When can my child start in the nursery? They will need to be three years old to start.  They will be able start immediately at three years old but you will only be able to use child care entitlements from September, January or April following their 3rd birthday.  As an example, if your child turned 3 years old in October, you would need to pay for all your child care hours until January, by which your entitlements will be available.

Will a place in the nursery guarantee a school place? No: This is illegal and our admission policy (to be published) will reinforce this. Our admission policy will also detail an over subscription

What sessions will be available? It will be term time only and run from 9am-3:15pm.  Parents will be able to choose half days, which includes lunch (3 hours) or full days (6 hours). If you are doing full days, we will not charge or take into account the 15 minutes at the end of the day.
Morning: 9 am – 12 noon (3 hours)
Afternoon: 12:15pm – 3:15 pm (3 hours)

What happens at lunchtime? Lunchtime will take place at 11:30 am.  If children are staying for the morning session, they will need to bring or purchase lunch. The cost of care will be the same as the usual day rate care, however there will be a cost for the meals, should you choose to have cooked meals as provided by the school’s meal provider, Aspens. As a broad guide, we are anticipating £2- 2:50 per day for each meal. 

Can my child change their sessions/days each week? No. We will require a commitment to regular hours all year . You may be able to, if there is space, to extend your child’s hours but you will need to give a term’s notice should you require a reduction in hours.

What is the cost of the nursery? This still needs to be determined and we will comparable to local rates.

Can we use our child care entitlements? Parents, if eligible, will be able to use their 15 and 30 hour child care entitlements. Please check using the government website to check your entitlements. . Parents will be able to pay for additional hours beyond their free entitlements and pay if they are not entitled.

How many places are available? Parents will be able to sign up for morning, afternoon or full days. At any one point in the whole day, there will be a maximum of 24 places.

How will it be staffed? It will be staffed by a qualified Class Teacher and additional Nursery Practitioners / Learning Partners. We will also investigate an apprentice to support the staff structure. The Early Years Leader, Mrs Dexter will oversee the provision.

Can my child also attend Breakfast Club? At present, we have no plans to accept pre school age children into breakfast club. However we may review this subject to demand.

Can I register my interest to be kept up to date?
Parents can register your interest by emailing the school at . We would welcome the following information:

  • Child’s full name
  • Parents’ full names
  • Date of birth for your child
  • Contact phone number
  • Parent’s email address
  • How many hours and on which days you would like nursery provision, if known.
  • Childcare voucher provider, if known.

Please note that by registering your interest, you are not being guaranteed a place for your child. This information is useful to us to help identify the needs of the community and develop the provision.